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this is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever read


Am I really supposed to show a guy thanks and praise when he respects the fact that I don’t want to have sex??? When he calls me pretty?? When he allows me to eat the food I want to eat?? When he calls me skinny, as if being skinny is the only way I can be beautiful??? Nah nah I don’t like this shit

"For buying you fattening food" (wow!! This man is letting me eat food that won’t make me incredibly thin!) "not giving a shit when you don’t want to be touched" excuse me?? Really?? Honestly??? I am supposed to be THANKFUL for that??? Fuck off

#6 is terrifying. You don’t want to be touched but he doesn’t give a shit? And presumably tries to touch you anyway? FUCK NO. That’s when you DUMP HIS ASS.

All you fucking dumbasses need to get over yourselves it’s about him buying you food because you don’t have money to buy it yourself or him making you feel like someone gives a shit about how you feel so all of your fucking arguing needs to stop because this is the most honest post I’ve ever seen

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